Microsoft Ready to Launch Windows 10 in July with DX12, Confirms AMD

Microsoft should be really excited at the moment, because after the unsuccessful Windows 8 which didn’t allow them to realize their dreams, they are coming back with a bang with the Windows 10 operating system.

Almost everyone on this planet knows that the OS is coming out this summer, but the company didn’t reveal an official release date yet. Windows 10 at the moment is available as a technical preview for developers who are enjoying some of its perks and features. Even the upcoming Spartan browser has been revealed and it is definitely a notch up, when compared to the ageing Internet Explorer brand. From what we have seen so far, this browser could easily make Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome run for their money. Now, we have new information from someone reliable, AMD the company who makes graphics cards, chips and competes with the all mighty Nvidia brand.

July Launch for Windows 10

AMD, in their earnings call, had a brief discussion about the future of processors and graphics as a whole, after which they accidentally let everyone know, that Microsoft is set to launch the Windows 10 operating system in the month of July. While it is news for tech enthusiasts and people who can’t wait to explore a brand new platform, for the gamers, it is even better news because the popular Direct X 12 will also get launched with the operating system.

During the conference, AMD also confirmed that it will be in late July, could be the third or the fourth week of the month. It was not a subtle announcement, but rather the company representatives, during their speech, announced it openly. We are not sure if Microsoft is simply creating hype around it, but as the announcement is out, it shouldn’t be long before an actual release date is announced by the company.

Direct X 12 – Does it Matter?

Direct X 12 is a huge step ahead for graphic card developers and game designers. The DX12 program is capable of rendering stuff that were so difficult in the past, including lip sync, movements and realistic faces. AMD has confirmed that they will soon be launching new graphic cards that fully support DX12 while Nvidia will do the same before the end of 2015.

Meanwhile, those who still own DX11 cards have nothing to worry about, because they will be compatible with the new Direct X but may not be able to bring out its full potential.

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