Measles Symptoms To Be Taken Seriously After Outbreaks In New York

The recent measles outbreak in the New York indicates to be more aware of the symptoms of it. At least sixteen people have been infected with the disease in Manhattan and Bronx, and Health Department says seven of them are adults and nine children. It adds further that four of the infected are also hospitalized.

The outbreaks are more in the Inwood Hill Park, Washington Heights and Hudson Heights in Manhattan. In the Bronx neighborhoods the infection outbreak has taken place in Mount Hope and Melrose.

The Inwood Hill residents complain they were not informed in a timely manner about the measles outbreak.

Deputy health commissioner Dr Jay Varma said among the younger children most of them are kids and below the age to be vaccinated. He also added that in two of the cases the parents refused to get their children vaccinated.

Varma urges that if the child is at least one year and above old, the parents need to get the kid vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the investigators are trying to find out the origin of the outbreak. Officials suggest for immediate medical attention if symptoms of measles are found in any individual, either children or adults.

Measles is to be taken seriously as it sometimes also causes complications such as brain inflammation, miscarriage and even death. For such reasons it is important to be aware of its symptoms.

The symptoms are runny nose, sore throat, red eyes, cough and fever.

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