Todd Howard Confirms Starfield Performance Details for Xbox Series X and S

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The gaming world is abuzz as Bethesda’s very own Todd Howard steps forward to confirm details about the highly-anticipated Starfield’s performance on Xbox Series X and S. Clearing the air, Howard announced that Starfield is all set to blaze at 30 frames per second on both consoles, promising a seamless gaming experience filled with vivid visuals and unwavering consistency.

Engaging in an illuminating conversation with IGN ahead of the upcoming Xbox and Starfield showcases, Howard revealed that gamers can look forward to a 4K resolution experience on Xbox Series X and 1440p on Xbox Series S. However, to maintain an unwavering performance consistency, Starfield is locked at 30fps on console.

Reflecting Bethesda’s proud legacy of crafting vast, dynamic, and detail-rich worlds, Howard stated, “We’re committed to delivering an immersive experience that doesn’t compromise on fidelity. It’s why we’ve locked Starfield at 30fps on consoles — we want you fully engaged in our vibrant world, where the unexpected is just around the corner.”

As we inch closer to the game’s highly-anticipated launch on September 6th, gamers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief. This confirmation comes in the wake of the controversy surrounding Microsoft’s previous exclusive, Redfall. The co-op vampire shooter was initially advertised to run at 60fps, but this was later revised to 30fps just a month before launch. This about-face was met with widespread criticism, even prompting an apology from Xbox boss, Phil Spencer.

Assuaging concerns, Howard assured fans that, “In Starfield, we’ve achieved an exceptional balance between performance and graphics. The game performs smoothly, even in the heat of battle, ensuring an uninterrupted, fully immersive gaming experience.”

Despite the fact that Starfield and Redfall are different beasts altogether, the certainty of a locked 30fps performance on console for Starfield has elevated expectations. Upon release, Starfield could indeed set a new standard for Bethesda Game Studios, delivering the smoothest, most consistent launch to date.

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