Tales of Crestoria to Be Shut Down in 2022

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The latest Tales mobile game, Tales of Crestoria is closing down. The game with the Fujishima Kousuke and Inomata Mutsumi designs finds no way out of this problem.

Bandai Namco announced on the 7th of December that the global version of Tales of Crestoia would soon be shutting down.

Tales of Crestoria was announced back in 2018, and due to the pandemic, it was released back in 2020. This game is a one-of-a-kind, with original protagonists that were created for the game. Past characters from the series also make an appearance in the alternate version of the world. They have different stories and backgrounds.

Will the game be down in Japan, too?

It seems that both the Japanese and the global version will be shutting down. They will be off starting with the 7th of February, 2022, at midnight EST. So not only the English version will be shutting down.

Why is the game closing down?

There were plenty of problems from the very beginning, with many bugs present in the game at the release. Producer Tomomi Tagawa and her team fixed the game in the following months. The game got then positive reviews, and it was a real success for a year.

But as you know, the mobile market is very competitive, and some games don’t even make it for a year. And companies rush to release the games – and many are full of bugs, or even unfinished. But the video games market is still the biggest one there, especially in Asia and Japan. And people from there don’t have the same bias against sociage or gacha, as many Americans and Europeans do.

We can’t say we didn’t see this coming, as Tales of Crestoria is the least popular game from the franchise.

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