Make Calls On Your WhatsApp for Android

The news that you will soon be able to make calls on WhatsApp with your Android phone is certainly going to be welcomed by the hundreds of millions of people that have already downloaded it to their phone. This is something that has been lacking with the app especially with so many others offering the ability to call people, so what can we actually expect with this app?

Making Those Calls.

It should be pointed out that at the time of writing the call option is only available to a limited number of people as they are just doing a trial to see how well their technology and equipment is working. However, there is no reason to doubt that it will not work perfectly, after all they are owned by Facebook and they certainly have the money available to spend on getting it right.

Their main issue has been making sure that everything is crystal clear when it comes to the call quality because you are getting exactly that with the likes of Viber and Tango, which both offer the call option, and that is why they are taking their time with the launch. When can we expect it? Well, at some point this year and the headlines see it as being sooner rather than later as WhatsApp do see that they have some ground to make up with this part of their app after losing some subscribers to some of their rivals lately.

How It Is Going To Work On Android.

So, how is it going to work on Android? The actual method is easy as there will be a call option button on the screen that you simply tap in order to access the function. The call will be completely free if it is made to another person that has WhatsApp installed on their phone and it is not just to others that have an Android phone either as it does go across operating systems. You would then just select the individual you would like to call and everything will be connected in an instant, it really is as easy as that.

So, with calls on your Android phone with WhatsApp.

  • It is currently being tested.It will launch in full later in 2015.
  • It gives you free calls to other users that have WhatsApp installed.
  • It allows Android users to call people both on Android as well as iOS.
  • You access via a special call button.It is crystal clear quality.

It has taken WhatsApp some time to accept that they now need to offer this service as part of their app, but it is better late than never at all. They are quite correct in testing it for a period of time because people will expect it to work perfectly from the outset and any failure in this part will reflect badly on the company as a whole.

This is the leading app of its kind and the calls option is only going to further cement its place as the number on app especially on the Android network.

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