iPhone 7 Release Date Delayed By iPhone 6S Launch

While there haven’t been any media reports on the upcoming device from Apple Inc., it does seem as though the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus will be released and available sometime during the coming Fall season of this year, and so it really does appear to be the case that the long-anticipated iPhone 7’s release date may very well be delayed even later and further than it already has.

The Fuse Joplin reports that so far, there is a tentative release date of 9 September for Apple’s flagship smartphone by the one-year anniversary of its predecessor, the iPhone 6. Even still, there’s been another report that speaks of the iPhone 6S being released this year, which has caused no inconsiderable amount of doubt among the customers as to whether the iPhone 7 will will actually find its way into the public marketplace this year.

One particular source who has a certain level of connection with the plans of the Apple company has told Apple Insider that the the iPhone 6S will be released, as well as saying that it may even be possible that the iPhone 6S Plus just may very well come with a larger screen as well as coming with Apple SIM (which is a universal SIM card) already pre-installed, as well as 2GB RAM expected to accompany both devices.

It should also be worth noting that there have been reports that have made reference to the iPhone 7 also showing up in stores with 2GB RAM already pre-installed, which is a feature which is also supposed to be part of the iPhone 6S as well. This brings into attention a distinct possibility that at least a small handful of the specifications that have been spoken of in some reports just might hypothetically be in reference to one single device, seeing that it is just quite simply too early in the game to discuss devices that would be due for release almost two years from now.

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