iPhone 7, iOS 9, iPad Pro – Release Date And Top Known Facts

Apple will hold the Worldwide Developers Conference in three weeks and everybody is hoping to hear something about iPhone 7’s release date or other relevant information about this flagship, which hasn’t even been confirmed by the company. Other unconfirmed device is the iPad Pro, which appeared on the internet a while ago and speculations about its specifications are pointing out to a premium tablet that will be powered by the most powerful Apple processor. iOS 9 is the operating system that it’s expected to come this fall, but there is a possibility that, by the time the iPhone 7 will be released, Apple will bring iOS 10.

iPhone 7

The tech press focused a lot on Apple’s products, digging for information and speaking with trusted sources that dared to open their mouths about the company’s plans. The internet is full of rumors and many of them are hard to believe, because they present exaggerated information, but the truth is somewhere in the middle. At the beginning of 2015, some rumors suggested that the iPhone 7 will come in the fourth-quarter, in the same period as the iPhone 6. But if we take into consideration Apple’s habits to release upgraded versions of its annual flagship (for example, 4S and 5S), maybe we’ll see an iPhone 6S in 2015 and the release of the iPhone 7 will be postponed until 2016, and the phone will feature a totally new processor and other improvements.

The iPhone 6 was received with arms wide open, being sold better than the analysts predicted and Apple has all the chances to become the first $1 trillion Corporation. Apple overtook the Samsung Electronics Co in matter of sales volume, because the Korean company relied more on the developing countries to sell its affordable devices, while the American giant sold only premium and extremely expensive devices, which brought huge revenues to the Cupertino-based company.

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro will be more than a premium tablet. According to the rumors, it will feature a 12.9inches screen with Force Touch, it will support NFC and inductive charging, but it’s too early to tell if the speculations have a solid ground or they’re only speculations. This device will probably be released in 2015, as the Force Touch and sapphire glass are two important features that are expected to come later this year.

iOS 9 Release Date

Currently, Apple is working on its updates for iOS 8, trying to fix the annoying problems with the battery drains. But many users are hoping to get a glimpse at the new iOS 9, which might be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which will start on June 8.

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