How to Use Power Reserve Mode on Apple Watch

Due to high compatibility of Apple Watch to its user’s normal use, their battery power is designed to support the watch for a normal one day usage. But since we all understand not every day is perfectly normal day therefore time may come when we had to use it for longer period and for extensive purposes as well. To cater this special need, Apple Watch is equipped with Power Reserve that is basically an Energy Saver mode that will, once activated, minimize the consumption of energy prolonging your Watch’s battery life.

Power Reserve mode will turn off all the extra functions of Watch including notification, fitness tracking and apps. In short it will conceal your Watch’s connection with your phone turning it into an ordinary watch providing you time and date only.

How to turn it on

There are in total three ways how you can activate the Power Reserve mode. At first, Apple Watch has its automated intimation that will highlight and advice you to turn Power Reserve mode on once your battery life is lowered to 10%. You can simply tap Power Reserve button to activate it or ignore it to continue using it.

You can also turn it on manually by pressing and holding the side button until the power menu appears. By sliding the second option titled ‘Power Reserve’ to right will enable it. Or you can also enable it from Power Glance by swiping up your Watch to access Glances then moving over to Power Glance and tapping Power Reserve, upon confirmation click Proceed.

How to turn it off

You may call it a drawback but the only way to exit the Power Reserve mode is by restarting your Apple Watch by pressing and holding the side button until Apple logo appears. You need to have that much energy on your battery to support single restart for it.

Monitoring your Battery Performance

You can access the battery usage of your Apple Watch from your synced iPhone. You can do that by opening the Apple Watch app, tapping My Watch, moving to General and then into Usage. This area will provide you Usage and Standby values which will provide you the elapsed time. This menu will also display how long your battery long if you enable the Power Reserve mode.

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