3 Must Have Features Missing in the Sims 4  

A lot of fans who used to love the real simulator series have now more to complain about than adore in the game which got released recently.

The newly launched Sims 4 from Electronic Arts and Maxis has tried to innovate in a lot of areas but in their attempt to introduce new features, they have removed a lot of good ones from the past. The missing features degrade the quality of the game and the overall fun factor which can’t be replaced unless they bring them all back. Here are some important features that are missing in the game and EA should take notice of!

Open World Gaming

It’s been very long but the Sims 4 is still missing open world gameplay. That’s really bad because games like GTA 5 and Skyrim are taking an entirely new direction by redefining the way the world works. Sims still limits you to your home and neighborhood. Players would love to see more than that. Everyone wants to visit shopping malls, offices and beauty parlors letting their avatars roam the world but it is missing. It might hardly be added into the game unless Sims 5 launches!

No Color Choices and Toddlers

There are no longer kids in the game which is another missing feature that players enjoyed in the old games. They helped make the game look more realistic and feel closer to life but it didn’t happen this time around. The developers might add them back as they did with swimming pools but we are yet to see a confirmation from them soon. Besides, you can’t choose your own color for your characters as it used to be. Instead the game offers a select set of colors from which you have to choose one which is another blow on the level of freedom that the game is supposed to provide.

Loading Times

Seriously, someone should have noticed this when the Sims 4 was being developed. Loading time is the most annoying factor in the game and it is right next to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare which annoyed players with its long loading times. Everything you do in the game, every place you move into, there will be a loading time to make you lose your patience. There’s no family tree, you can’t lock the doors and the list of jobs to choose from is really limited. That’s how things are and let’s hope it changes.

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