How to Unlock your Mac through Apple Watch

As we all know about an app called MacID, its function was to unlock a Mac using Torch ID on your iPhone or iPad which became popular at that time and awesome indeed. But with this new technology app of the Apple Watch, there is a feature added for the Mac ID.

There is an app available to download for $3.99 specifically for Apple Watch which will allow its user to unlock their Mac using their Apple Watch. How cool is that? It is very simple; just tap the particular icon which you want to do with your Mac.

There is a lot more than unlocking a Mac. The users of Mac can have the contents sent to a Mac through their iPhone. They can also see which tracks being played from iTunes or Mac and also deal with the Screensaver through this app called MacID. The best thing in this is that there is no password require anywhere or anytime, or it may be a drawback if you are too much privacy conscious.

This app is live in the App Store and is free for all MacID users. It is somehow the best and excellent going app through which you can translate data through your Apple Watch. If you have a Mac that supports Bluetooth LE then this app is in your radar, you just need to find it.

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