How to turn off Repetitive Message Alerts on your iPhone and iPad

Repetitive notifications can be annoying nagging all the time about unread messages. You can turn them off on your iPhone and iPad. There are few easy steps that will help you get the job done.

Step 1: Open Settings app from your iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Look for Notifications in the list and open it

Step 3: Since you want to get rid of repetitive alerts for messages, select Messages from the list of available apps

Step 4: Now you will see a list of available options for Message’s notifications. Scroll down until you see Repeat Alerts

Step 5: This will provide you options to select ranging from Never to Ten times after a message has been received. Select Never if you never want your iPhone or iPad to nudge you about a pending message

That is it. You will not be receiving any reminders now. Although we do not recommend turning them completely off as you may miss on something important. You can customize these settings as well to set the reminder to remind you at least once or twice. Reminders are sent by default after every two minutes. If you chose to select 10 times, you will be notified for next 20 minutes since the message is received.

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