Download Candy Crush Soda Saga for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

It is a common sight to see people using their phones while traveling to work in the subway, bus or even at their office. Cell phones can provide a means to kill some time especially since mobile games improved a lot as the hardware of modern smartphones improved.

One of the more popular time killers is Candy Crush Soda Saga (or CCSS as it will be referred to throughout the article). Most smartphone users probably already played first Candy Crush. King, the developer released a spinoff that uses similar mechanics but adds soda to the mix.

Game Overview

CCSS requires the player to connect 3 or more pieces of candy of the same type and color in order to remove them. Some of them are special fish that will travel and clear a certain ingame goal. Also there are new special candies that are shaped like a bottle that can also be collected to fill the screen with soda. These two mechanics are combined in various ways depending on the level design. Just like in the previous game there are hundreds of levels that translate into countless hours of fun. Also each level can be played again in order to obtain better scores.

How To Download And Install

The game is available only for iOS and Android but it is expected to see a version for Windows Phone sometime in the near future just like with first Candy Crush game. Installation is completely free and can be grabbed using the links listed below:

Android OS:


In both cases a registered account is required. It must be the same one as the account registered on the smartphone. The game itself does not need a lot of storage space or really powerful hardware. Game performance is the same on both high end smartphones and low to middle class ones.

While the game is free to download and play there are in-game microtransactions but they are not mandatory. The game can be played just as well without spending any real money on virtual goods. Also the social integration offers everyone a means of getting extra lives just like in Candy Crush Saga. It allows users to share extra lives with their friends or collect them from Facebook wall pages.

User Reception

According to the community CCSS is a much more evolved game and offers even more challenging levels and mechanics. It is still and child friendly game but a bit more complex. So far the game as received positive reviews and it is expected to see players of the first game switch to this new iteration. The only inconvenient part that some users reported about the game is the fact that social friends are required sometimes to complete certain levels. However it is possible to move ahead without asking Facebook friends to help.

Overall CCSS has been reviewed as a fun and challenging game that provides countless hours. It is a free game which makes it even easier to pick up by the ones that do not want to pay for their games.

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