How To Google Search by Image

When Google was initially launched it only provided a few limited search options. As technology evolved the search engine did its best to stay ahead and redefine the way everyone uses the internet. Today users can search for websites, videos, images, locations, books, news and apps using the same engine.

Google is the gateway to everything that makes the internet what it is today but it the midst of everything sometimes it can be difficult to find the result that one is looking for such a particular image. Image searches are a bit different in terms of how they work and how they can be performed.

How Google Lists Images

Before getting started and search for an image let’s spend a couple of seconds to understand how Google stores information about images so that they can become searchable.

An image on its own is impossible to search. It is not possible to describe the things that can be found in an image, the colors and other details particular for that picture. Google uses its indexing service to create a database of images that is searchable because the information stored contains keywords.

Google does not store any image in its servers. Instead it looks at the picture on a website and it searches for an image description. The image description is a small text segment that offers a general description of the picture. Out of all that information the indexing service will only pick relevant keywords that match the content of the page on which it was listed so that it is sure that it is relevant. When the user will search for an image the search engine will just list the images that are associated with the keyword.

How To Perform An Image Search

Google search is available on every single operating system known so far. For desktop computers we use browsers while for Android there is Google Now. Here is how to do it in both situations.

Image Search In A Browser:

1. Open any browser and go to

2. Search for the image by typing anything relevant to that particular image and hit enter.

3. A website search will show but right beneath the search box a menu should show and the second option right after Web should be Images.

4. Click on Images. All done!

Image Search On Android

1. Open Google Now. Usually Google now can be opened by holding the finder on the Home button. On the new screen, the bottom side should show 3 icons. The middle one should be a Google symbol. That is Google Now. Tap on it.

2. In the search bar type anything relevant for that image. A keyword would do. Another option would be to use the voice search but it is not that reliable. Hit the search button in the bottom right side of the screen.

3. The search result page will have a menu at the bottom. Tap the images button.

4. All done!

As explained above, performing an image search on Google is quite simple and straight forwards. The only important part is to use the right keywords so that relevant images will be displayed. As an additional note, Google does not actually host the images so while the search itself is fast the images can load a bit slower.

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