Why Your Credit Card Can Declined By Google Play Store

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, then you likely access the Google Play Store often. Through this portal, you can download apps and various forms of media. Most apps are available free of charge, but premium content is always an option. The average movie, television show, or e-book costs money to download after all. Plus, some premium apps have no free equivalent. When you go to make a purchase, you’ll use your debit or credit card to buy a given item from Google Play. You might encounter a declined payment, though.

Here’s a look at common reasons why a payment method can be declined by Google Play:

Insufficient Funds

Without a doubt, nothing is more common than a credit or debit card not having enough available funds for a purchase. Google Play will decline the purchase because the account can’t cover a given amount. This problem can happen to anyone, especially individuals that don’t keep track of their account balances. To solve this issue, a user can try a different credit card or put more money into their account. It’s a simple situation that’s more annoying than insurmountable.

Wrong Card Information

Google verifies credit and debit cards when they’re first submitted for purchases. However, information on these cards can change from time to time. Address changes, new cards, and other situations can result in card information being wrong. The Play Store will decline purchases if this information can’t be verified during a given transaction. In this case, a user should check their payment details in Google Play and then verify that information against their actual credit card.

A Spotty Internet Connection

It turns out that a poor Internet connection tends to cause problems across the board. If a payment is declined without reason, then users should check their connection. A spotty connection or no connection at all will pop error messages. By getting onto a more stable connection, a user can proceed with their transaction sans declined payments. Smartphone users can get a better data signal by going outside and moving to an open area. A few extra bars of service can make that payment turn into a successful one.

Other Causes of Declined Payments

Otherwise, numerous situations can lead to declined payments. Google’s servers could be down, which would cause Play Store transactions to fail. An issue on the credit card issuer’s side could cause similar issues. For the most part, solutions are available for all of these situations and others. Sometimes, a person simply needs to wait a few minutes and then try again to see success.

Most Google Play Purchases Are Quick and Successful!

Chances are high that your transaction will be successful if your information is correct. Likewise, the same applies if your account balance for that card is enough to cover a transaction. You can troubleshoot most declined payment situations with a few simple steps. Most problems can be fixed within a few minutes, and other issues could resolve themselves in even less time. Declined payments can happen to anyone these days

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