How to Backup WhatsApp Messages in Android and iOS Devices

Sometimes we don’t know when past conversations will come in useful so it’s a must that you always back up your conversations regularly.

Fortunately, WhatsApp is one of the few messaging apps that allow you to do this. WhatsApp is arguably one of the best cross-platform messaging apps and it’s constantly gaining more active users each month. Your message history is very important so make sure that you know how to do a back up when you’re using the popular app.

How to Back Up WhatsApp Messages in Android

If you own an Android device, you don’t have to worry about saving your message history since WhatsApp for Android automatically backups messages. Every day, at exactly 4 AM, all your current messages in WhatsApp are backed up. If you don’t trust the system, you can choose to manually save or backup your messages. Once WhatsApp is opened, go to Options, followed by Settings. Tap Chat History, followed by Backup chat history. Tap ‘Yes’ to start backing up your message history.

How to Back Up WhatsApp Messages in iOS

You also have the option to automatically backup your WhatsApp messages in iOS. You can either choose to back up daily, weekly, or monthly. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup > Auto Backup and choose which way you want to backup your chat history. You can also select ‘Off’ if you don’t want an automatic backup. On the other hand, if you want to manually do the backup, repeat the same process but select Back Up Now instead of Auto Backup. The chat history is stored in iCloud.

Restoring Chat Messages

Now that you’ve backed up and deleted your chat history, what happens if you want to recover the deleted messages? The good news is restoring deleted messages is easy. All you have to do is uninstall WhatsApp and install it again. Once you have finished the proper registration, just tap Restore as prompted to restore your old message history and your old chats will appear in the newly installed WhatsApp.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that you can only recover up to 7 days worth of backup messages. If you’re planning to restore deleted messages, your current chat history will be lost. Additionally, make sure that you’re using the same phone number when you backed up your chat history. If you’re using a new number, you won’t be able to restore the chats. Aside from the messages, all media will also be backed up, except videos.

Saving Incoming Videos

To ensure that you won’t lose important videos when you back up and delete your chat history, you can choose to save all incoming media in WhatsApp. Go to Chat Settings and from there, you can turn on the Save Incoming Media button. This will automatically save all images and videos that are sent to you on your device. You may choose to turn it off and manually save only the media you want to save. Just tap the photo or video and you will see the option to save it in your Camera Roll.

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