Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s Gohan Beast Transformation Might Finally Have a Compelling Explanation

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The latest Dragon Ball movie known as ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ introduced brand new transformations for both Gohan and Piccolo, the fighters who were under the spotlight for the most part of the film. While everybody understood how Piccolo achieved his new form, as he got his latent potential unlocked by the Eternal Dragon Shenron after using the dragon balls, the movie didn’t bother to explain to us how Goku’s son became Gohan Beast.

The new transformation of Gohan surely has a great design: longer silver hair, red eyes, and a glowing silver aura combined with reddish colors. Although there’s no denying that the new form of Goku’s son looks awesome, a lot of fans accused the writers of the story that they have no justification for the transformation. And apparently, that’s the truth, as Gohan just transformed into a much stronger version of himself after seeing his master and good old friend Piccolo being torn apart by Cell Max. But thanks to a new article posted by ScreenRant, we found out that there is a possible explanation behind Gohan’s new form, and a pretty compelling one.

Earthling-Saiyan hybrids are naturally stronger than pure-blooded Saiyans

Gohan is half Saiyan and half Earthling, as his father, Goku, is one of the very few pure-blooded Saiyans alive, while his mother, Chi Chi, is fully Earthling. We’ve always been told throughout Dragon Ball that Saiyans are part of the strongest warrior race in the Cosmos, but instead of relying on that part of his DNA, Gohan might have insisted more on his human heritage. That’s what could have led to what we know today as the Gohan Beast transformation. Gohan’s Ultimate form, resulting from his hidden potential being unlocked by Guru on planet Namek back in Dragon Ball Z, is stronger than his Super Saiyan state, after all. Even in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Gohan activated his Ultimate technique against the Gamma 1 android when he realized that his Super Saiyan state was not enough.

While Saiyans are very strong by nature, there are important hints in Dragon Ball that Saiyan-Earthling hybrids are even stronger.

It all started in early Dragon Ball Z

In the very first episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan, who was just a 4-year-old child, saw his father, Goku, being tortured by Raditz. In the next few moments, Gohan destroyed the spaceship where he was being held captive by his evil uncle Raditz, and manifested a stronger power than his father, Goku. Gohan damaged Raditz, even though the amazing powers of Goku’s little boy only came in short bursts, and they couldn’t be controlled. Later on in the show, Vegeta clearly states that Saiyan-Earthling hybrids might naturally be much stronger than pure-blooded Saiyans as he tries to explain why Goku’s son is so incredibly strong for his age. Therefore, the Gohan Beast form that we’ve seen in the 2022 movie known as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero might represent the build-up of Gohan’s heritage as half Saiyan and half Earthling.

Goku and Vegeta can’t achieve Gohan’s new form

If the theory exposed above is correct, it means that neither Goku nor Vegeta would ever be able to achieve Gohan’s new form from the Super Hero movie. That’s because, unlike Gohan, both Goku and Vegeta are pure-blooded Saiyans. They are among the very few remaining pure-blooded Saiyans alive, along with Broly. Otherwise, judging by the latest Dragon Ball Super manga arcs, both Goku and Vegeta can achieve transformations that are comparable in strength to Gohan Beast. Goku has his Ultra Instinct technique, while Vegeta can go Ultra Ego.

If the theory regarding the Gohan Beast transformation is correct, it’s nice to see that, once again, modern Dragon Ball content is paying homage to the very early days of Dragon Ball Z when Gohan was just a 4-year-old child.

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