GTA 6 Official Trailer Launches and Reveals the Game’s Release Year – Watch It NOW!

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Credit: Rockstar Games

After a long and unbearable wait, the official GTA 6 trailer is finally here to be watched by everyone. In just a few short hours, the new trailer published by Rockstar surpassed the astronomical number of 42 million views, as GTA 6 is perhaps the most anticipated game in history.

Judging by the trailer of the long-awaited game, it’s clear that we’ll have a much more realistic GTA game than any other. The details are simply out of this world, as the action and the graphics that GTA 6 is capable of can easily fool you into thinking that you’re no longer looking at a video game.

GTA 6 comes out in 2025

The official trailer of GTA 6 also reveals that the game is coming out in 2025. Although there aren’t any other details about the release, such as the month or season in which the game will launch, all we can do is keep an eye on future news from Rockstar. It seems that the trailer got leaked somehow, which is why Rockstar decided to finally make it official and releaase the trailer themselves.

Words are useless at this point. We’re stepping into a new era of gaming, as the graphics look beyond beautiful and realistic. They’re sublime. Behold:

GTA 6 seems to have two protagonist characters, a girl and a boy, who are lovers. The girl seems to do time, while her boyfriend seems like the kind of fellow who is willing to step in and get her away from danger.

Judging by the information we have at this point, the chances are pretty high that GTA 6 will be released exclusively for consoles, at least for the first year of the release. That shouldn’t upset us, as let’s not forget that GTA 5 also came out for Xbox One at first, while it was adapted for the PC two years later.

Only time will tell for sure. Until then, let’s enjoy the fresh, new, and official GTA 6 trailer. Let’s be grateful that we can live during these amazing times of mankind.

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