Phone Link Will Turn Your Android Phone Into a Webcam for Your PC

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If you’ve also been wondering why it isn’t already possible to turn your Android phone into a webcam as you’re engaging in a video call through your laptop, well, first of all, welcome to the club! Microsoft finally decided to start working on making that scenario turn into reality by tweaking its Phone Link app, as a new article from Android Authority suggests.

The Microsoft Phone Link app already exists to make your phone collaborate with your PC in a very efficient way. By installing the software, users are able to rummage across their phone’s menu directly from their laptop/desktop PC. But it’s nice to see that someone figured out that the app can even be a lot more useful than that.

Microsoft is working on making people use their phone as a webcam

The source mentioned above reveals that code found within the Link to Windows app suggests that the Redmond-based tech giant could allow Android users to use their phones as video stream devices for their laptops, meaning that the little gadgets should be acting as a webcam.

To be more precise, the Link to Windows v1.23102.190.0 version of Microsoft and for the Android app has some code suggesting that the tech giant is working on turning your Android phone into a webcam while being connected to the PC.

The upcoming feature, if it will indeed become a reality, will compete against Apple’s Continuity Camera features. Only time will tell for sure what Microsoft has in store for us, which means that probably the wisest thing we can do at this point is to opt for one of the biggest virtues of all: have some patience.

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