What is Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 and How to Utilize It?

There are many applications that keep your content and your data on your phone private and safe from prying eyes.

For Samsung Galaxy S6 users, Samsung’s own private mode is a way to do it. The built in option might not be perfect, but it does the trick and can be very handy in keeping some things secret.

How to Enable Private Mode?

To enable private mode, all you need to do is head over to settings, and then enter the Privacy and Safety menu. There, you will find private mode. Click to enable the private mode. You will be asked to select a way to use private mode. You can protect your Galaxy S6 in private mode with a separate authentication requiring PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint. If you opt for a pattern authentication, you will also have to enter backup PIN.

What Does Private Mode Do?

Private mode is one way to hide and keep specific files secret. It works with any Samsung application, or even third party apps like Gallery, Music, Video and similar. One example is to keep some pictures in the gallery under private mode. When other people view your gallery, they won’t be able to see the hidden pictures. But once you login with the private mode authentication key, you will see the pictures. The feature provides you with a system “for your eyes only”. The files are still on your device, but only you can access them.

How to Use?

After you set up the private mode, move it in the quick settings menu, so you can quickly enable it. Once the mode is set, all you need to do is tap the button and enter the authentication key (pattern, PIN, password or fingerprint). Once you activate the mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6, a small icon will appear in the status bar. While in private mode, you can always click on the “More” button to any application and file, and select the option “move to private mode”. Once you leave or disable private mode, the application, file, and data will be hidden.

Private versus Guest

Private mode is a feature that Samsung has introduced in response to Google’s Guest Mode feature that debuted with the new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. Samsung decided not to include ‘Guest Mode’ in the Samsung Galaxy S6. However, there are indications that ‘Guest Mode’ will appear in the S6 with the Android 5.1 update.

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