iPhone 17 Pro: Face ID Will Finally Come Integrated Under the Display

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iPhone 15 will arrive shortly this year, but the rumor mill has something else in plans: spread some beautiful, sleek details about iPhone 17 Pro lineup! Well, we bet you didn’t see that coming, right?! The iPhone 17 Pro will be the first iPhone model to use Face ID tech beneath the display, based on a report released by display analyst Ross Young.

But wait a minute…Some other smartphone brands, including Oppo and ZTE, already provide this incredible technology. Also, Samsung has included it in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model, which is smooth and useful. So, what’s the catch here with Apple’s plans? The thing with the tech giant based in Cupertino is that we’ll have to wait up to 4 years to see the new tech in action. Nevertheless, as Apple intends to keep the Dynamic Island up until then, you’ll have to wait until 2027 to see the iPhone 17 Pro featuring the sleek Face ID under the display.

The front camera and other sensors are located in the Dynamic Island region on the iPhone’s display, as you probably know by now. According to Young, the front camera on iPhone 17 Pro will also sport a cool circular cutout when integrated into the under-screen Face ID system.

With recent substantial breakthroughs in under-display camera tech, display designs have never looked so sleek! However, Apple still has a lot to process and apply when it comes to under-display stuff. The reason?

The effectiveness of the front cameras that are concealed behind the screen is frequently poor compared to conventional cameras, having a lesser image quality. So maybe the tech giant is still trying to find the perfect scenario for this whole Face ID under the display thingy.

But the Face ID feature wasn’t the only thing mentioned by Young. He also claimed that ProMotion, which has a faster refresh rate, will be adopted by the normal iPhone 17 models. At the moment, only the Apple Pro devices got this.

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