Google Play Store – The Latest Google Play Services 7.0 Comes with Improved Features

The Google Play Store is the official Android Market, where all users of these devices can download free and premium applications, games, eBooks and other stuff, which they use on their devices to get the most out of them.

The Play Store is the most trusted site by Android and in fact, these devices are set not to allow any application that is not linked to the Google Play Store to be installed on it. However, this setting is not permanent as you can easily go around it and install APK files on any of these Android devices without any problems. Recently, this platform rolled out updates for the official Google Play Services 7.0 and with this application there comes new things as well.

The Google Play Services is a very important application of the Android Market and without it; you will definitely have the hardest times when using your Android smartphone or tablet. Note that Android allows the installation of apps from third parties because it is an open source OS. However, it still holds the Play Store in high respect and it monitors the activities of this Play Store, making it a more reliable source than most of the other sites that are also filled with apps to download.

If you download an application from the official Google Play Store, you will be sure of using a safe application that has been verified and certified by humans. As such, it is always recommended that you download any Android application from the official Google Pay Store and nowhere else.

The latest version of the Google Play Services 7.0 was released just a few weeks ago and the users of this Store are already seeing the benefits of updating to this new version. The Play Services app is what powers the app store and as such, you must update to the latest version in order to get a taste of the new features available in the Play Store.

Google Play Services 7.0 is available for Android 4.0 and above

The new Google Play Services 7.0 has been made available for free download; however, it is only compatible with devices running on newer versions of Android OS. By new versions it means that if your device is using the Android 4.0 and above, you can upgrade to the latest version of Google Play Services 7.0 and enjoy the new features that come along with this application. Whether Google will avail this update to the users of the older versions of the OS is yet to be revealed; however, it is expected that this will be the case in the near future.

When you update to the latest version of Google Play Services 7.0 on your Android device, you will be treated to new a Places API in addition to a separate location settings dialog from where you can make some changes to your location settings as well as share it with friends. Better still; lots of today’s apps make use of locations in order to customize the results of the users to a specific locality, something that has been even much better with the current update to Play Services 7.0.


Playing multiplayer games

Multiplayer games are not something new to the Android platform. However, with the latest Google Play Services 7.0 update, you will be able to identify other people close to your location, who have downloaded the game and are playing it. This is something that is made possible by the Nearby Connections API which helps in locating persons within your vicinity, who are playing the same game as you are.

If you are a health conscious person, keep checking out for new updates of this Google Play Services as it is thought that the company is working on rolling out a new API that will be responsible for calculating calories and distance. App developers will also be taken care of in the coming update by including more developer-friendly features in the platform.

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