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Google Play is Google’s official store for the Android applications, games, and other stuff. Android operating system is associated with the Google Play Store and with Google Play services you will have indeed easy approach to any Google service.

With easy-to-use client libraries that are ensured for every service you’ll be able to attain the functionality you wish easier and faster. Google Play Store assures its users with easy browsing, searching, and downloading music, apps, movies, books, magazines, as well as TV programs.

What’s New?

You can now download the latest Google Play Store version 5.4.10 and have all the new features and better performance; so don’t forget to update your app to the latest version. There were some bug fixes done recently, as well as several other changes. This version boasts some upgrades in the UI and the contents. Among other contents, this newest release carries more Material Design, Wearable activity/sensors information, Details Page, and Enterprise apps support. Also, the Google Play Store’s looks are enhanced with an impact of typical Android Lollipop. We all know that Google has imposed the Android L which comes with a new UI design. Material Design (new interface design background) was initially introduced on the L. Also, the entire Material Design overtake enhanced the Google Play Newsstand, whilst one day later some additional Material Design features upgraded the Google+.

Furthermore, it is impossible not to notice the new looks of the new Google Play app icon, as it maintains itself in line with the Material Design’s new aesthetics. When you initiate the app you’ll immediately note slight alliterations in animations, such as the slide-out drawer menu’s access, as well as some iconography modifications. Moreover, the ‘What’s New’ section is moved, so it is now on the top of the menu, and is distinctively highlighted in green so you’ll be able to notice it in each application listing without a problem. Also, the Widget Suggestion icons on the home screen are altered, and they, as expected, retain the flat, paper-like design. Google has even altered the Status bar notification icons, so this tells us how much attention Google is paying to details. Another Google’s alteration in the new release of Google Play Store is the vanishing of the share button situated on the listing’s top.

Google tries to ease and improve Google Play’s services and features with every new version and update, so try to remember to download the latest version of Google Play in order to receive all the updates and improvements.

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