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Google Play was initially referred to as the Android Market it is the official store and portal for Google’s applications. It is a store for Android apps, games other great content for your Android powered smartphone or tablet. Google’s Play Store is a huge place and offers a large amount of content for its users. It comes in form of an APK and as a pre-installed app.

With Google Play APK, there is so much you can do, you will be able to download apps, games, music, movies and access a wider amount of content from the Google Play Store market.

Download Android applications:

Google Play sells Android apps on the Google Play market. From Google Play apps and games are available at the section of Play Store. While some applications are charged, Google Play makes a large number of free applications available worldwide.

These applications are available on the Store market and can be access through the Google Play Store app or through the Google Play app on PC. Play Store has large number of applications that are over 1.5 million. You can therefore be sure to find almost every kind of application that you need.

Play Music:

One other great feature about Google Play apk. is that it enables you to access Play Music. Though the Play Music section has been recently updated, it still works the same way just like before. You can find your songs on the ‘My Music’ section of the Google Play apk. This online music store features over 22 million songs. You will also be able to have a cloud storage of about 20,0000 songs at no costs but with a subscription music streaming service. 

Play books:

Google Play also enables you to access Google books and download them to your device. After logging in with your account, you will find a list of your library and all the books which you have purchased. You will be able to easily download books and transfer them to your e-book reader.

Play Movies 

Apart from Play music, Google Play has a Play Movies feature. This is just like YouTube where you can access and download your movie rentals. This feature offers a great way to download and watch a movie on your mobile device.

How to access Google Play market:

In order to download apps from Play Store and access games, you need to open the Google Play app on your phone or tablet. You will be asked for your Gmail account and password. Enter your email and password, if you do not have, you can easily create one. After signing in to Google Play services you will be able to access all the applications, games and music on the store market.

Google Play APK is a great app that comes with many features. But installing and running these features, you will be able to access the Play Music, Play Movies, Play books and access thousands of applications and games. You will be able to access some of these applications at a fee while some of them at no cost at all. Start using this apk. today to be able to enjoy all its features. 

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