Google Play Services v7.3.27 Latest APK Update Download

Google Play Services is the application that keeps updated the applications that come pre-installed on your Android device along with the ones you’ve installed via Google Play Store.

At the same time, Google Play Services is the application that provides the main functionality for authentication to Google Services, access to the latest user privacy settings, synchronize contacts and more.

Google Play Services also improves the application experience, as it speeds up offline searches. At the same time, some applications will not work properly if you uninstall the Google Play Store.

Google Play Services features

Places APIs

This feature will allow the developers to build applications that rely on the locations. This way, information regarding a specific place that’s nearby will be spotted easily.

Locations APIs

The FuseLocationProviderAPI gets the exact location of the device by a lot of sensors including Wi-Fi and GPS. The latest version of Google Play Services allows you to access the Location Settings dialog where you can change the location settings without having to close the application.

SafetyNet API

SafetyNet API will let the users to check if a specific installed application has passed the capability tests from Android. If a configuration is found and it is known for being a good one, the application will pass the test.

Installing Google Play Services 7.3.27 APK on Android

You should always have the latest Google Play Services installed on your Android device. Because of this, we suggest you to install the Google Play Services 7.3.27 by downloading the APK file from the internet.

Once you’ve downloaded the Google Play Services 7.3.27 APK file on your Android device, install it so that your device can start using the latest features that Google Play Services comes with.

HINT: Keep in mind that you will need to enable Unknown Sources option from Settings->Application or Settings->Security (depends on Android OS version) or else you will not be able to install any APK file that you didn’t download from the Google Play Store.

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