Google Maps vs Apple Maps – Comparing Features, Graphics and Functions

You might not know everywhere you go to, especially if you are new to a certain place.

Basically, when you need the correct direction of a place, is to use your phone, thanks to the new technology. The smartphones are installed with applications that dives directions to places.

The most common mobile app that has been serving as a direction guide is the Google map. But is this app still got the lead? Is it still the top app? Or the Apple Maps is replacing it? Basically, which is the most relevant app that is used today? This is a question that many people are concerned about, and here is a Google Maps Vs Apple Maps comparison, in terms of function and features.



A common difference between the two is the graphic aspects. Here are some of the features that are related to the graphics of the two Apps;

  • Satellite view. With the Google Map, the satellite images are more detailed, which is not that detailed on the Apple Maps. For that, you will be able to see a comprehensive Google Map satellite view, in comparison to the Google Apps.
  • The 3D View. Here, the Apple Maps has the upper hand. You will be able to view the maps in 3D using the Apple Maps. The Google Maps doesn’t have the 3D view option.

Street View

The Apple Maps lets you view the Street view, which you cannot view on the Google Maps. But, you will view the maps, which have been taken by streets cars of Google.

Transit Direction

You will be able to access transit directions only on Google Maps. When you request a transit direction on Google Maps, you will get the exact direction in relation to the planes, automobiles and trains. On the contrary, Apple Maps will recommend you to Google Maps, if you request a transit direction.


  • The Apple Maps provide direction functions on 4G networks, with this, the app performs faster in delivering the directions to the users.
  • The Apple Maps has a better display of the walking direction via the streets, which is displayed in a blue line, and a blinking green dot, which shows your current location. On the other hand, the Google Maps displays the walking route in multiple blue dots, this could be confusing.
  • When it comes to the mode of transport, the Google Maps tends to be more reliable and flexible. You will only need to search your destination, then the Google Maps will give you the most reliable mode of transport.


Apple Maps has had a number of advancements in a huge way, but still Google Maps remains the dominating direction app. The Google Maps might be lacking the 3D map view like the Apple Maps, but that is not that relevant to a person who is in need of directions. For that, the Google Maps will provide you with the necessary features and functions that you will need when you want the directions of a place. A negative factor of the both is that they drain your battery very quickly, but that is normal. The important thing about the apps is that they will help you get where you want to go.

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