Google Hangouts Tricks and Tips

Hangouts is an app that was developed by Google. It is an up and coming video chat and instant messaging app. Google Hangout gives users the ability to have conversations between two or more people at the same time. This app can be used online through Gmail or Google Plus, or it can also be downloaded as a mobile app. It is available on the Android and iOS.

With Google hangout you can make free voice calls to other people that use hangout or you can pay to be able to call mobile or landline phones internationally. With this service you can talk to up to 10 people at one time. Google

Hangouts it’s much like Skype and FaceTime or even the Facebook video chat but its main focus is the fact that there’s a group interaction. Calls within the United States and Canada to a landline or mobile phone are free. If you are using this app on an Android phone, you must have the Google hangout app and the hangouts dialer app to be able to call a landline or mobile phone.

Google hangout can be used privately with you as you and your friend or family or it can be used on air which means that whatever you record can be automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Some of the good things about using Google hangout is that there are there is the ability for picture sharing and it supports text voice and video chat. It can also be used on multiple devices. Such as, a desktop computer, an iPhone, or your Android smartphone.

Another good thing about Google hangout is that it’s very easy to use and is a great way to communicate with your friends especially, communicating with multiple friends at the same time. A few of the downsides to using Google Hangouts is that one of the requirements is that the user has a google plus account. And there is no room to customize be able to customize your viewing screen. Also, you are required to have a well maintained contact list.

Here are some tips and tricks to help with using Google Hangouts;

  • If you are not talking you should meet yourself if you were in a conversation with more than 2 people this way everyone can hear what is going on in the conversation just make sure that you unmute yourself when you were taught when it is time for you to talk again.
  • It is also advised that you use headphones that have a microphone when you are speaking on Google hangout. If you do not that is OK. But, it would be better if you would least had earbuds to use.
  • If you are having trouble hearing or seeing yourself you should check the settings on your phone or computer make sure that you were using the right camera, microphone, and speaker.
  • Another solution to if you are having troubles with your sound or video quality is that you should limit the bandwidth usage. Just go to where the bandwidth icon is, it is located in the menu on the top of the hangouts app.

At first glance, Google hangout seems like it is just Google’s play at a=trying to be Skype. However, it is unique and has many more features than those of Skype. It is a very promising app that hopefully becomes more popular and widely used over the course of the next few years, or months.

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