Gmail and Inbox App Free Download – Unlocking the Potential of the Apps

New Messaging App

Google has been busy sending out its invites for the latest Google Inbox, so you should be in soon. Inbox is an entirely new approach to emailing, so it might be a little confusing in the beginning. However, it has high potential and takes Gmail to a new level. You can do a whole lot of new and useful things with Inbox now. You can try out different actions, such as creating a reminder; snoozing emails; setting up repeated reminders till you have decided to deal with the emails and so on.

Snoozing Emails

Google’s Inbox allows you to snooze a mail, so that you can deal with it later. It is rather similar to the archiving feature seen in Gmail, but there is a difference. The messages that you have snoozed pop back for viewing after a specific time, which is predefined. If you are using Inbox on the web, you have to click on the clock icon for activating Snooze feature, and in case of the mobile application, you can swipe left on the mail thread. You can snooze it to different settings, such as later today; tomorrow; next week; or any particular day. The mail continues to snooze till you move the email back manually. You can also select a particular time or a date for returning the message and associate the unsnoozing action with a particular location. You can view these messages from your main Inbox in the browser or through your mobile application.

Pinning Emails

There are starred emails in Gmail and the equivalent to this in Inbox is the Pinned emails. Pinned emails allow users to quickly view a message and are useful for emails that you have to get back to. There is a master switch set on the top of the interface, either on the web Inbox or in the mobile app. Even if you have snoozed an email, it automatically gets pinned and it also shows up in the form of reminders or pinned emails. However, you must not mark pinned emails as done using a green tick, as this will archive the email and also remove the pins. Pins have been created for bringing an email back to your inbox from archives or even from Social bundles or Updates bundles. It helps users from losing a particular mail in a collection of other mails.

Inbox works with Gmail

However, there is the usual learning curve in case of most of the features, but if you give yourself some time, you can go all the way with the Inbox. The Gmail team of Google built Inbox to offer a new or additional way of staying organized. All features of Gmail, emails, contacts, labels, etc. are also present in Inbox and both the apps stay in sync. If you do one action in Inbox, it gets carried or applies to Gmail.

For instance, if you move an email to the trash in your Inbox app, the mail also gets deleted in the Gmail app. If you have created a label or deleted it in Inbox, it will also occur in Gmail. When you add a particular option, such as Always Do This for emails, the same filter will also be created for your Gmail.

There are also Gmail settings that get carried over to your Inbox app. In addition, some of the settings can only be changed in Gmail. Settings related to importing emails or forwarding emails, filter for deleting and forwarding emails; vacation responder settings; turning keyboard shortcuts off and on; are examples of actions that get carried over to Inbox.

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