EA SPORTS FC 24: The Technical Innovation Video is Out – Watch NOW

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EA SPORTS will soon release a brand new football simulation game, and it should be significantly superior to those from the FIFA series. Known as EA SPORTS FC 24, it’s actually the successor of FIFA 23. EA SPORTS is no longer legally allowed to use the ‘FIFA’ term for their football simulation games.

It seems that the guys in charge of developing EA SPORTS FC 24 have a lot to prove, and they struggle to create a very realistic experience for gamers. Therefore, the technical innovation video of the game is out to tell us more about what we can expect if we’re fans of the FIFA series and football games in general:

Frostbite is the new game engine

EA SPORTS FC 24 is based on a new game engine called Frostbite. The game also offers a ton of new features, such as GPU Cloth, Feature Lighting, Sapien Technology, and more. Let’s find out more together by watching the new video:

Within the context of EA SPORTS FC 24, a noticeable shift can be observed in the iconic personas of Messi and Ronaldo, as their in-game prowess has been significantly adjusted downward in comparison to their representations in preceding installments of the series. This revision manifests in Cristiano Ronaldo reaching a rating of 83, maintaining his designation as a skilled striker. As for his enduring counterpart, Leo Messi, he attains a commendable rating of 88, signifying his enduring excellence. Notably, the Argentine football maestro continues to be positioned as a formidable right-winger within the game’s realm. This nuanced recalibration of player attributes adds a layer of intrigue and reflection among the fanbase.

Apart from its PC release, EA SPORTS FC 24 will also cater to gaming enthusiasts on a diverse array of platforms, such as PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S.

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