“Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero” is Coming – Check Out the Revealed Characters So Far!

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The legendary Budokai Tenkaichi series of Dragon Ball fighting games is continuing soon with ‘Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero,’ a game that will take Dragon Ball battles to new heights. We can easily conclude from the forthcoming game’s trailer that Dragon Ball Super characters and transformations will play a major role, and we’re now happy to learn about some of the characters who will appear on the roster!

Goku & Co. will have a lot of work to do in “Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero,” as they will have to face very powerful opponents. Frieza will once again be up to no good, Broly will be there once again screaming his lungs out, and, well… keep on screaming, of course.

Thanks to the future game’s announcement trailer, we can have a look at the list of characters that have been confirmed so far, and it seems that the game will have names from both the manga and the anime.

Without further ado, let’s cut to the chase:


A Dragon Ball game without Goku would be like a wedding without a bride. Goku is the main character in most of the Dragon Ball anime and video games out there, and he couldn’t possibly be absent from Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero. The only question is this: how many transformations will he have in the game? Will he have only Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue, or will the dev team add Ultra Instinct as well?


Vegeta is Goku’s long-lasting rival and also the Prince of all Saiyans. Vegeta is always there trying to keep up with the one he also calls “Kakarot,” and the next game of the Budokai Tenkaichi series also follows suit. We’re wondering if we’ll get to see Vegeta’s Ultra Ego technique, a transformation that was added in the Dragon Ball Super Manga after the Tournament of Power arc.


Frieza will never become one of the good guys, regardless of how much some people like to believe otherwise. Frieza will prove in this game as well that he always plays dirty and rough. We can expect the former intergalactic tyrant to be one of the main villains in Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero.


Ever since Broly was brought back in the “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” movie from 2018, this character has kept receiving attention. It’s nice to see that he’ll be available in the next Dragon Ball game as well, where we can bet that he won’t be giving any flowers to girls.


Piccolo remains one of the most important Dragon Ball characters, even though he hasn’t been as important in Dragon Ball Super as Goku and Vegeta. The famous Namekian can definitely be decisive in a battle.


Krillin remains one of the strongest Earthlings, regardless of how much we may laugh at his weak powers. His trademark Destructo Disc remains highly dangerous for anybody who might get in Krillin’s way. Furthermore, Krillin continues to have the hottest girl in all of Dragon Ball, which is why he deserves a lot more respect.


Tien should have been given a lot more attention in Dragon Ball Super, as this fighter is capable of many amazing fighting techniques. He has the Multi-Form technique, the ability to pull out another two arms, and a lot more.


Yamcha might be the subject of many mocking memes on the internet these days, but this warrior was pretty important in the very first Dragon Ball series when Goku was a child.

Future Trunks

Future Trunks had one of the most badass entrances in the whole Dragon Ball franchise back in Dragon Ball Z. He came from the future to kill Frieza and his father, King Cold, and to warn Goku and the gang about the androids created by Dr. Gero. At that time, Trunks also amazed everyone by proving that he could also transform into a Super Saiyan.

Android 18

Although Android 18 has become a parent and a housewife, she remains the deadly beauty we all loved in Dragon Ball Z’s Cell Saga.


Cell was one of the main villains in Dragon Ball Z, and it’s great to see that he keeps getting praise in the video games. Cell represents a biological android created by Dr. Gero, and he is capable of many techniques that the Z warriors have, including the iconic Kamehameha.

Mr. Satan

Mr. Satan is, oh, well… the absolute nuisance of Dragon Ball, but even so, the devs decided to get him in the game as well. We’d really like to know why!

Majin Buu

Majin Buu is one of the good guys now, which means that he can definitely help Goku and the rest out if needed. Buu has some very unique and powerful moves.


Introduced in the Tournament of Power arc from Dragon Ball Super, Bergamo is from a different universe than Goku & Co. Even so, he’s a highly skilled fighter who can cause trouble to pretty much anyone.

Android 17

Forgotten in Dragon Ball Z and early Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 was the pleasant surprise of the Tournament of Power arc.


Jiren was the only mortal stronger than the gods of destruction when he was introduced in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, and he can definitely pose a challenge to anyone in the Multiverse.

The last game of the Budokai Tenkaichi series of Dragon Ball came out in 2007, meaning 16 years ago. Probably nobody could dare to believe nowadays that the series will be revived after so many years.

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