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The developers of WhatsApp finally released the Voice Calling feature for all Android users. It seems that a lot of things happened since WhatsApp was bought by Facebook. The users were already expecting the Voice Calling feature to be added to the application sooner or later, and when Mark Zuckerberg decided to spend 19 billion dollars on it, many fans were convinced that the new owner will improve WhatsApp and they waited patiently until the Voice Calling feature was integrated.

It seems that it took quite a while for the developers of WhatsApp to release the Voice Calling feature. First, the Voice Calling feature was in testing for a few weeks and only a small amount of users were lucky to get selected. They had the chance to invite other users by giving them a call, but soon enough the developers disabled the invite feature.

Now everyone that owns an Android phone and installs the latest Android version on his device can use the Voice Calling feature. This is one of the best features that WhatsApp has and we’re pretty sure that more users started using this application as soon as they heard it features Voice Calling.

However, there is still a lot of work to do on the Voice Calling feature, as it currently uses a lot of data and it doesn’t bring the best quality. A lot of users claimed that the calls are usually lagging or interrupting for no reason. The Voice Calling feature uses almost as much data resources as Skype, but this application comes with great quality calls, which mean that the WhatsApp developers will need to fix the lags and interruptions of the calls and try and see if they can lower the data usage of this feature.

There are also rumors saying that by using WhatsApp Voice Calling you will be able to call landline or mobile phone numbers. Of course, you will probably need to pay for those kinds of services, but for now the WhatsApp developers didn’t confirm any of these speculations.

Other rumors say that WhatsApp will soon feature the Video Calling feature, which will probably be free, as well, but it will use even more data, which may be a problem if you have a limited data usage with your carrier. However, we don’t think that this will happen until the developers will fix the Voice Calling issues.

Currently, WhatsApp Voice Calling feature is only available for Android devices, but soon enough Windows Phone and iOS devices will also receive this feature.

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