Download ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432 and Install for Free – A Modified Version of OGWhatsApp

If you have been around the internet for a while, you must have already come across the OGWhatsApp or at least heard of it.

Using the OGWhatsApp, you can use WhatsApp on a dual SIM phone. That is, use one WhatsApp application with two different phone numbers. Those who have been lucky enough to use this application can agree that it is an amazing feature to have one WhatsApp app working on two different numbers without any problem. This helps a lot, considering the fact that there are many devices in the present highly technological world that support dual SIM carriage and even more.

What’s new in ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432?

The new ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432 free download comes in at the request of the users of OGWhatsApp, who have been asking for a new version with newer features. The ENWhatsApp is a modified version of the OGWhatsApp and here are the features that the modified ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432 free download comes with.

  • A complete makeover of the program icons with others added
  • Just like WhatsApp Plus, this is a third party application and as such, it had also received its marching orders from WhatsApp. However, the new ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432 comes with a ban-free tag for all users.
  • A totally new and redesigned user interface that includes the calling option
  • The mandatory update message has been deleted in the new version
  • There is a new addition of entry point calls option
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements have also been included
  • It is now possible to preview all your photos and videos even before you download them to your device.
  • Users of ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432 free download can now access the services of WhatsApp Web, but it may not be fully functional, since it is still in beta.

Downloading and installing ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432 latest version

The first thing you need to do before thinking of installing the latest ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432 free download is to create a backup of your current WhatsApp conversations. This is because you can be able to restore these conversations and pick up from where you left after installing the clone ENWhatsApp free download.

After creating a backup of your conversations, go ahead and uninstall the original WhatsApp application from your device. After removing WhatsApp from your phone, find the directory on your SD card with the WhatsApp folder and rename it to ENWhatsApp. You can use a File Explorer to do this, for instance ES File Explorer. This change is necessary just in case you want to keep your previous conversations when you install the new ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432 on your device.

Follow the above step by launching a Google search for the latest ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432, download the file and once it is on your Android device, go to the Security or Application Settings and check the box with the “Unknown sources” option in order to allow the APK file to install, otherwise it will not.

Once this option is enabled, you can go ahead and install the latest ENWhatsApp APK 2.11.432 free download and start enjoying the latest features of this application. The verification process is the same; however, make sure you tap on “Restore” in order to get back your conversations once the installation is complete.

If you haven’t tried the new ENWhatsApp free download, it is about time you download and install the latest v2.11.432 APK and install it on your device to get a taste of the new chatting and calling experience this app offers.

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