The Most Common Google Play Store Application Errors – Which Are They and How to Solve Them?

Anyone who has ever been in the situation where they discover an interesting app and download it just to get a cryptic error message that contains seemingly random numbers, which occurs in the Google Play Store, will agree that that’s pretty annoying.

In this article we’ll give you the list of some Play Store errors, as well as their solutions, in order to help you get through them.

Error DF-BPA-09 “Error Processing Purchase”

Google Store Error DF-BPA-09 happens quite often when the Android users try to download an application from the Google Play Store. It is pointless for you to try downloading the app again and again, since the problem won’t go away. You will have to go to the settings. Then you’ll tap on App Manager or Applications (the name depends on your device). After this, you’ll swipe to the “All” column, and scroll down till you notice “Google Services Framework”. Finally, you need to select “clear data” and confirm by clicking OK. If this didn’t help, then you have to go to the Google Play Store site on your desktop computer and install the application which is causing you problems on your tablet or smartphone from there. The install should be working once you’re back on your device.

Error 941

Google Play Error 941 indicates interruption during an update. The solution to this problem requires you to go to Settings, then to Apps, then to All, and then choose Google Play Store to clear the cache and data. In the same location, it is good to go down to Download Manager to clear the data and cache for it as well. Then you can try the update afresh.

Error 495

Google Play Error 495 implies problem with updating or downloading apps from the Play Store. In order to solve this issue you need to delete Google Play Store data by going to Settings, then to Apps, then All, and finally to Google Play Store, and click Clear data. Also, delete Google Services Framework data. Erase your Google account on your device, reboot the phone and finally re-add your own Google account by going to Settings, then Accounts, then choose Add Account button and finally select Google Account.

Error 491

Google Play Error 491 means that update and download are impossible. The solution would be removing your Google account by navigating to your device’s Settings, then to Accounts and Google. Press remove account, reboot your phone and ass your account once again. After this, go to Applications (Apps) in the Settings, and swipe to see “All” of your applications. Then go down to Google Services and press clear the data, and at the end force stop.

Error 919

The problem with the Google Play Error 919 is that the app won’t open once it is downloaded, even though the app download works. This means that there is just no more space on your device, and you’ll solve this by eliminating all unnecessary data like videos, music or large applications.

Error 498

The issue with this Google Play Error is the interruption of the Google Play Store’s downloads, meaning that the cache of your Android device is full. You need to erase unnecessary files and applications. Press the power, home and volume down buttons (for Samsung devices) or power and volume down buttons (for majority of other devices) to restart your phone in recovery mode.

There are many more errors that can occur while trying to download and install apps from the Google Play Store; however, these are the most common ones. If one of these errors occurs don’t worry you can solve it by just following the instructions given.

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