How to Get Nautilus Shells in Minecraft

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We have all heard of nautilus shells, that are used in the creation process in Minecraft. But did you know they are very rare? We are here to tell you why.

You can either get them by killing Drowned that carry them, fish them up, or simply buy them from the Wandering Trader. But even with these three sources, it is still aa low chance, because they are needed in order to craft conduits and hearts of the sea. And we all know that conduits are very helpful, so of course their materials are not easy to obtain.

It is not easy to get nautilus shells in Minecraft. But it might be worth the trouble. When you want to fish for them, you will need a lot of patience. Even if you have the maximum rank Luck of the Sea for your fishing rods, there is still a chance of 1.9% of getting them.

If you want to kill Drowned, things have a 3% chance of spawning in Java Edition. In Bedrock Edition, there’s an 8% chance. They might be higher, but they’re not as high as you’d need for a clear win. If you decide to go with this method, you may want to set up a farm specifically for Drowned.

The most effective way would be trading with the Wandering Trader, as it gets you multiple nautilus shells very fast. Of course, the Wandering Trader doesn’t appear regularly, and its inventory is random. You might find him in villages from time to time.

Minecraft’s engine is always trying to spawn this trader. Every few ticks, it checks its spawning conditions, until it finds a place to spawn it. Of course, no one guarantees that the trader’s inventory will come with nautilus shells. But if it does, you can buy up to five of them, and they only cost five emeralds.


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