Best Navigation Free Apps for Smartphone

One of the worst possible problems that you can think of is being lost on your way.

No one wants to be stuck in such a problem and thus the right thing to do is to have a smart navigation app. Thanks to the brilliant improvement in technology, we can easily find apps for most of our needs.

Even when you are going to an unknown land where you have no clue about the roads and directions, you can always fall back on navigation apps to guide you and help you find your destination. The best thing about these apps is that a lot of them are free which means that you do not have to entail any additional cost in order to use them. Here, we will talk about some of the best apps that you can use for the sake of finding your directions.

Google Maps

When we are talking of navigation apps, this is definitely the best that deserves a mention. It is perhaps one of the oldest and the most used apps. People trust Google apps because of the immaculate details that it offers. It comes packed with a series of impressive features including voice commands, street view and the option to mark your favorite places as well. Recently, there have been various changes that have been incorporated in it and it has become even better.

Map Quest

It is another popular navigation app which you can use. It also comes with a toggling OSM and the directions are reliable and good to use. You have the option of voice search as you can give oral instructions to find out the directions. At the same time, you also get real time details about the traffic condition of the place and the data is updated frequently with public sources which makes for improved and enhanced accuracy.

GPS Essentials

This is by far one of the most complete navigation apps with a flurry of different features to offer. Apart from offering almost all the features offered by Google maps, you will be able to avail a great deal of other features too. This app will give you the latitudinal and longitudinal details along with having a compass which shall show you the directions. This app is hailed to be the best for wanderers and travelers who hike into the unknown land and love to explore unknown territories.

Apple Maps

If you have an iPhone, you do not need to download any other app. The Apple maps are so designed that it will always come in handy when you are looking to find a place to reach. They come configured with some of the best specifications and it is sure to help you out. Like Google maps, you have the option of getting step by step directions to reach a place. However, most users have preferred Google maps over Apple maps because it comes packed with larger details.


When we are talking of navigation apps, Waze is sure to get a mention. It is definitely one of the best apps because not only does it offer you the directions to move from one place to another, but at the same time, you will get live data about the traffic conditions of a place. The data is updated in real time and this community based app has too many good features to count.

These are some of the best apps that you can use. Almost all of them are fully sufficient in helping you find your destination. With these apps, you are likely never to get lost again as you will be able to find your way with ease.

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