Gmail Free Download – How to Turn Off Google Hangouts and Revert to Old Gmail Chat

Have you noticed any changes in your Gmail chat in the recent past? Well, if you have and you don’t really like the change, there is nothing to fret.

It’s more than two years since the Google Hangouts application was released by Google. This application has been a mainstay in the Google+ chats, serving as the main tool for instant messaging as well as video calling. Over this period, the idea was that the users of the traditional GChat will find the good in this new app and finally dump the old chat, but things did not go as planned.

Rather than waiting for the users to shift, Google has decided to bring the change themselves by removing the old Gchat from Gmail and replacing it with the new Google Hangouts app. This means that everyone who has been using the old chat in their Gmail chats will automatically be switched to the new Hangouts by default. The good thing about this whole scenario is that the users of Gmail can still get back the old Gchat.

Why revert to the old GChat in Gmail?

The new Google Hangouts might be coming in with a bunch of new and exciting features for a wide range of internet users; however, there is a group of other professionals that think otherwise. There are hundreds of instant messengers today and actually, most of them are very sophisticated, unlike GChat which remained being a text-based app.

What this app did was to put functionality ahead of everything and in this way, the coexistence it enjoyed with Gmail was amazing, as it did nothing to try and overpower the email client. When not chatting, the GChat app would display a list of all your contacts in a simple text-based format and when you click on any of them, it was possible to send them a text message and even make a video call and that’s it. There was nothing like avatars, emojis, chat bubbles, stickers, animated GIFs and all of the other stuff we see in the latest Google Hangouts. All the app did was sending real time messages to other users.

How to remove Google Hangouts from Gmail chat and revert to old GChat

If you are one of those in love with the old GChat, you might find the new Google Hangouts pane to be a nightmare. It brings the sophisticated nature of instant messaging apps to the Gmail client, something that most people have been trying to run away from. The good thing is that it can be done away with in a few very simple steps such that you can go back to your old Gchat. However, whether Google will allow this to go on is still very doubtful as the company has a history of compelling users into using their new line of products that are usually claimed to be new and improved.

Simply click on the arrow located next to your name and then select the “Revert to old chat” when you see a dropdown menu pop up. Once you confirm your selection, Gmail will reload and you will now have your old Gchat back on your Gmail client.

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