Apple Watch has Over 3,500 Apps, Market Demand is High to Cope up With

Apple Watch has been a sensational hit and despite criticism from both users and critics, the smart watch has definitely stirred interest in the consumer market.

Statistics reveal that only thirty percent of the pre-orders have so far been delivered, while others are still waiting to receive their package. Apple is in a tight situation at the moment because they have to first of all deliver the products to the buyers and also focus on making apps friendlier, so that this new tech-wear could actually be productive in the real world. Another report claims that there are at least 3,500 apps available for the smart wearable right now, which should be more than enough for people to start making calls, appointments and set reminders on the fly.

Customer Reaction is Positive

During the investors’ call, Apple CEO said, “We were really surprised and glad to see the overwhelming response we have received from customers. The customers have  a level of support that has made everyone in our team happy and at the moment, the demand is exceptionally high when compared with the supply.”

“We are doing our best to cope up with the demand. The production house is really busy at the moment and has shipped some of the watches in the past week. We still have a long way to go to meet consumer requirement and also make sure they are satisfied with the product,” Tim Cook added.

June Launch for More Countries

Cook, in his speech, also confirmed that because of these issues with supplying the products, they are forced to slow down the launch process. However, once they manage to ship all the pre-orders, Apple is looking to launch its Apple Watch in many more countries in the month of June. The end result is purely based on the production process, based on which the company will consider launching the device in more countries.

The number of apps have significantly increased in due time and some of them have been designed from scratch, to match the Apple Watch’s tiny interface. The problem with the watch is that it cannot run native apps, which forces developers to create something dedicated for it. Such a problem was not faced by iPad during its launch, as it supported native apps by default. With iOS 8 in the horizon, Apple has more issues and bugs to be fixed in every app before they could ask developers to port them for the smartwatch.

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