Apple Watch – Guidelines for Third Party Bands and Volkswagen Support Revealed

Apple has always focused on making their own accessories and products, but they also want to make customers happy by offering more choices with their ‘Made for’ program.

The newest device to join the list is the ‘Made For Apple Watch’ which allows third parties to create bands for their smart watch. While the debate continues to grow on whether people actually need an additional device that would constantly buzz and keep them occupied by being right on their wrist, there are those who pre-ordered it and are waiting to wear one. After all, some people do need new devices that they could keep showing off to their friends, family and colleagues. The watch is a similar product and has some nifty features too, like helping you plan your fitness routine better or make a call on your phone without taking it out.

Third Party Bands

While its features and functionalities continue to grow, the Apple Watch also needs good third party accessories, which is what the company is focusing on. The cheapest Sports edition is selling more quickly than any other, because the other ones cost at least $500, with the special edition priced at $10,000 which ensures that budget buyers stay out of it.

The ‘Made for Apple Watch’ is a certification similar to the MFI which stands for Made for iPhone. Apple will allow other companies to make charging cables, headphones and other accessories but will provide the certification only if the product manages to meet their strict quality standards. The list of guidelines released for making watch bands is quite strict, but it will also allow more bands to come in, including leather ones, link or steel straps.

Volkswagen Support with Car Net

The new app named Car Net made by Volkswagen is an intuitive app which allows you to readily control the features in supported car models. It allows one to know a lot of details about the vehicle including its current location, the direction in which it is going and also control the lights remotely using your iPhone.

All these data can also be sent to another phone so that you could notify your family of your location and allow them to standby without having to be tensed about your late arrival. A similar app for the BMW I series cars is also available to download on the Apple Watch. More apps are on the way, confirmed the developers.

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