Apple iOS 9 Rumors – Improvement in Notification Center Mechanism of iOS 9

The Apple marketing team had set high standards for the fresh notification center of the iOS 8 last year.

Though users were excited for the new notification management functionality, the actual performance was far below the promised standards. As a result, users were highly disappointed with the offering. In fact, they complained about the complex notification screen and tried to avoid using the feature. Hence, they have been waiting for an improvement in the notification center and expect an overhauled mechanism in the iOS 9.

In the meantime, Stockholm’s Mobile Creative has come up with an attractive concept of the notification center. It is regarded as an effective concept design for iOS 9’s notification center. Though the company doesn’t promise that the concept design is for Apple’s upcoming iOS, it’s one such mechanism that will probably be appreciated by every Apple users.

The basic design of this notification center merges the idea of Android notification mechanism with the Apple’s iOS layout. In iOS 8, notifications are displayed in an uncategorized list form making it difficult to sort out the important ones and the less-important notifications. The concept design from the Mobile Creative has a modified notification list where every notification is grouped into its respective app name. The list of apps having notifications are displayed in different colors, which expands to show notifications when you tap on it. Therefore, you can check the most important notifications by tapping on the most important app listed in the notification center.

In addition to this, the notification center comes with an option to reply directly from the center. However, if you do not want to reply instantly, you can go back to the notification list screen and view other notifications. Hence, the functionality of Android’s notification center has been brought into the design and appearance of iOS.

The iOS 9 developers are working with the aim of offering more stable and user-friendly mechanism to the users. They have been fixing the bugs in the iOS 8 updates and it is finally time to improve the base completely. If an efficient platform is developed, Apple users are surely going to explore an improved notification center in the iOS 9. Moreover, it would be fairly acceptable if Apple adopts the concept design of Mobile Creative.

Improvement of the notification center is surely in the list of Apple’s To Do list. We will have to wait to find out what iOS 9 developers pack for us in the upcoming iOS.

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