Angry Birds Go – 2014 Top 5 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Race your favorite characters from the popular Angry Birds franchise in the “Angry Birds Go” game! To help you succeed in this game, we bring you another set of tips, tricks and cheats.

1. Driving inside the track

If you are a player who uses to play racing type of games, then you already know that driving on the inside of the track is the best way to win a race. However, if you see some gems in the curves and they are not “inside” of the curve, you may want to get them if you are sure you won’t be overtaken or if you’re not pressed by the “race clock”.

2. If you want to buy something with real money, then get the “coin doubler”

Angry Birds Go! comes as one of those games which trick you to “invest” some real money in it. If you are thinking to spend some real money in this game, you will want to get the “coin doubler”, and it will cost 6.99 dollars. The coin doubler will help you a lot since eachcoin that you will collect, will be doubled. Did we mention that it stays enabled forever?

3. Use your Power Ups wisely

You have limited powerups and you will need to use them wisely. Don’t ever use a speedboost if you are close to a corner, because it will make you hit the brake and you’ll lose the entire boost that you just used. Instead, try using the boost power up in a open space.

4. Launch off might bring you the victory

At the beginning of a race, you will need to launch off. Try aiming well when you do this, since a good start might bring you a victory! Usually it’s good to trigger for the inside of the track, but most of the times all your opponents will aim there and you might get stuck between them. If you want to land in an “empty” zone, this way you won’t be bugged by your opponents.

5. Upgrade your top speed and acceleration

When you upgrade your kart, you should always focus on upgrading top speed and acceleration, since speed matters a lot in this game. This way, you will dominate the race even from the beginning.

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