Mozilla Firefox Latest Version 37.0 Beta 7 Free Download-Experience Great Features With More Stability

Mozilla Firefox is a light, tidy and fast open source browser. It was launched in 2004 and was the first web browser to challenge the domination of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Since then, Mozilla Firefox has been consistently in the top 3 most popular web browsers globally. It is especially popular thanks to its active community of onward users and open source developers.

Great Firefox Features

Mozilla Firefox has become a very popular browsing tool, thanks to its many amazing features. The most important ones are great browser speed, effective but simple UI and strong security abilities. Mozilla is putting a lot of resources into making web browsing easier and faster, and has created a tab setup that has been accepted by many other web browsers. Also, in the past couple of years, Mozilla has concentrated on simplifying toolbar controls to only a Firefox button that contains options and settings and back/forward buttons in order to maximize the browsing area. Mozilla Firefox features remarkable speeds in page loading thanks to the impressive JavaScript engine. Graphics rendering and start up speed are also among the fastest in the market, and Awesome Bar and tab system have been designed to launch/get results really quickly too. Moreover, a private browsing feature was something introduced by Firefox, and it provides you with more secure and anonymous internet use. Customization is one of the greatest features of the Mozilla Firefox UI, since you are allowed to discover and install many of customizable add-ons and themes within the browser.

Why Use Mozilla Firefox Beta?

Mozilla Firefox Beta is built for those users who like a bit of venture, but are not prepared to risk everything and try out Firefox Aurora, the Firefox’s early alpha build. With Firefox Beta you get a sneak peak at the Firefox’s next version six weeks before its final release, providing a pretty solid and stable build. Once you install your Mozilla Firefox Beta, it will replace your existing stable build of Firefox. In case you desire to go back to the stable, safer version, you’ll be required to manually download the stable build and install that version over the beta build. Inside Firefox Menu or Firefox button is an About Firefox option where you confirm the build you have installed.

New features

Mozilla has promised to launch a new stable version every six weeks, which means we’ll be able to get new builds more frequently. The latest Mozilla Firefox version is available for testing on Mac, Windows, Android and Linux. This Beta comprises performance betterments that enhance the user’s web browsing experience and allow developers to develop faster websites and Web apps. There is now a set of new enhancements to the user’s Firefox interface, as well as an improved and redesigned customization mode. Users are now guided through new changes with an on boarding interactive tour. Furthermore, if you create a Firefox account you’ll have the possibility to set up Firefox Sync. Also, Gamepad API is finalized and enabled.

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable web browsing tool, consider installing the latest Mozilla Firefox version. You’ll get an amazing, improved and customized browsing experience with some new great improvements and enhancements.

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