Windows 10 no better than Windows 7 and Windows 8

Microsoft has unveiled the Windows 10 and it is hoping that the new OS version will able to negate criticisms it got because of the Windows 8. However, it is likely that the software giant will face immense pressure in this situation and it is likely for the company to experience another episode of disappointments. Here are three challenges Microsoft may need to deal with:

  1. Windows 8 is widely criticised: It may be a little difficult for consumers and experts to get over the Windows 8. The new operating system fails to attract enough new consumers because they don’t see real benefits they can get over the Windows 7. It is true that the Windows 8 has major enhancements in interface designs, but many users simply don’t respond to it positively. For this reason, Microsoft needs to be able to convince people that the Windows 10 is really something special that they can’t live without; much like the previous Windows XP and Windows 7.
  2. Less satisfactory implementation of tiles: Not everyone is a fan of the tile-based design and it is reflected by reception people show on Windows 8. The Metro interface looks rather garish for some people and having brightly-colored tiles on the desktop isn’t something that they like. Actually, many people don’t like to see things get too oversimplified, because average Windows users are already used to configuring with standard interface of Windows that allows them to do many things on the desktop.
  3. It won’t be completely free: After the emergence of Linux and its mobile-based fork, Android; many people are expecting to get free operating systems. Microsoft responds to this trend, but only partially. Apparently, current Windows 8 users could get the Windows 10 for free. But users of older Windows versions, including the Windows 7 need to fork out some money to get the upgrade. While the amount of fees needed for the upgrade may not be big, Windows 7 users could still be reluctant to perform the upgrade if they don’t see real benefits in that.

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