WhatsApp Free Download With The New Feature Available Soon

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications on mobile devices and this is because people tend to use WhatsApp rather than sending SMS texts. Using this application, you will be able to chat for free with other persons without paying any extra fees, even if they live in another country. WhatsApp uses your internet connection (data plan or Wi-Fi) to send and receive messages. In addition, you can send photos, videos and audio files using WhatsApp.

Now, one of the most expected features is about to get released for all the WhatsApp users. We’re pretty sure that WhatsApp users have been waiting for quite a while the Voice Calling feature on this great application and in fact some lucky users had the chance to even test it. Also, these users were able to invite their friends by calling them via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s Voice Call feature has received positive feedback

After the test that the WhatsApp developers performed with the Voice Calling feature on WhatsApp, it seems that the users were pretty satisfied with how this feature is working on their favorite application. According to some reports from India, Voice Calling on WhatsApp via the 2G and 3G has worked like a charm. The developers will continue with the previous tests and probably soon enough we will see this feature being added for all WhatsApp’s users.

The editors from the BGR website had the chance to test this upcoming feature also and they’ve confirmed that the voice calling working very well. They’ve said that the voice call felt to have even better connection than a normal connection via their carrier. It seems that the VoIP calls work great with 2G and 3G networks.

Without any doubt, once this feature will be available for all the users, there will be some network issues until WhatsApp’s developers will find out how to stabilize all the traffic that will be done via the Voice Calling feature. After the Voice Calling feature will be added to WhatsApp, we’re pretty sure that this great application will get even more users and will be more and more popular all over the world.

In case you will miss a call, WhatsApp will notify you. In addition, while using the Voice Call feature you will also be able to send text messages to your WhatsApp friends at the same time.

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