WhatsApp Free Calls Update for iOS – Overview

In early 2015, WhatsApp announced the impending addition of its highly anticipated calling feature. Users have wanted this feature since WhatsApp was released six years ago. Android users received the update first that allowed them to call their friends.

However, this update was released in March 2015 and was limited to users that received invites. The update is available to all Android users as of March 30, 2015. Many iPhone users have felt left out to this point because calling isn’t yet available in iOS. Fortunately, that’s about to change.

An Overview of Calls in WhatsApp

Everyone from casual users to analysts expected WhatsApp to add calling features. Calls are placed over an Internet or data connection from one WhatsApp user to another. From there, these calls act like traditional phone calls, and users can talk to each other. Both people need to have the app installed on their device in order to utilize this feature. A fast connection is required for smooth calls that don’t suffer from stuttering or cutting out. Extra features are included in WhatsApp, including the ability to pause calls or mute the conversation.

When will iOS receive the update for calls in WhatsApp?

The unfortunate fact is that iPhone users cannot place calls as of March 30. In the coming weeks, WhatsApp plans to push the correct update to iOS users. Most people expect this to happen sometime in April 2015, although delays could push that back another month. The company has been fairly reliable in adding features when it says they’re going to be added, though. For that reason, users should expect to see iOS getting calls sooner rather than later. UPDATE: iOS users can now make free calls on WhatsApp.

Can calls be made to iPhone users right now?

Since the feature isn’t enabled through an update yet, iPhone users can’t send or receive calls through WhatsApp. An error message or failed call will result from trying to contact an iPhone user from Android OS. Similarly, iPhone users can’t even use a dialer to make an attempt to call other users on different platforms. The update will add a ‘dialer’ into the iOS version of WhatsApp, enabling calls to be placed within seconds. Only then will all WhatsApp users be able to call each other without issues.

What’s next for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has already made some great improvements in 2015. The company introduced a Web client that accompanies its smartphone app. Of course, the inclusion of calling features for users is a huge step in the right direction. Improvements can still be made to the app, and new features are bound to be released in the next few months. Compared to other free messaging apps, WhatsApp is updated more frequently, and updates tend to contain far more new features.

Get Ready To Place Calls in WhatsApp!

Android users can take advantage of calls in WhatsApp right now, and iOS users will get that feature soon enough. In the end, users can almost replace their wireless service plans on their smartphones with this app. They’ll still need a data plan or wireless Internet connection to use the app, though. WhatsApp will soon eclipse the one billion active user plateau, which will be a massive feat to say the least.

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