WhatsApp for Android vs. WhatsApp for iOS – Which Version Works Better?

WhatsApp has over 800 million people using it from all corners of the world.

What really makes this app such a popular one is the fact that it can be downloaded and installed on quite a number of mobile devices.

However, the major mobile players, as far as WhatsApp is concerned are Android and iOS. These two are the major drivers of WhatsApp and especially the former, which is very popular in areas where WhatsApp is most popular as well – the developing markets. On the other hand, the iOS products are obviously costlier than most Android devices and as such, these devices are rarely found in these developing markets. Nevertheless, WhatsApp has managed to curb the two markets and on either platform, it is doing amazingly well.

WhatsApp for Android received an update that enabled the users to make voice calls back in February. Recently, this update was pushed to the iPhone version. Further modifications of the Material Design of WhatsApp has since then followed the Android version. These changes were meant for aligning the app with the aesthetics of the latest Android Lollipop OS and honestly, the new UI is fast, intuitive and visually appealing. This is the same thing that has again happened with the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS, where matching changes in design have been effected in line with the new iOS 8.

With the latest WhatsApp for iOS update, it is now easier than ever to compare the iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp.

Chat window

The chat window has not received much change, but there are a few minor alterations from here and there. In fact, the Android and iOS chat windows of WhatsApp are identical, except for the chat bubbles and icons that differ a little. In the iOS version, you will find the button for ascribing files down next to the text bar. On the other hand, you will find the emoticon symbol in the same area, when using the Android version of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp does not allow its users to respond to notifications directly from the lockscreen. You must enter the app in order to reply to a message. In both cases, when you tap on a notification the app will open up. However, the good thing with WhatsApp for Android is that you can see more information of the message from the notification bar.

Contact selection

WhatsApp for the iOS 8 offers the best contact selection as opposed to what you get on WhatsApp for the Android OS. This is true because on the iOS 8, you will come across WhatsApp contacts grouped in an alphabetical order such that finding a contact by name is very easy. You can easily jump from one letter to another in search of a specific contact. These are not available with WhatsApp for Android, as all you get is a list of contacts arranged in an alphabetical order with the unknown contacts coming first.

Bottom line

WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iOS have both received changes in their design, both of which are meant to align the app with the new designs featured in the respective operating systems of Android Lollipop and iOS 8.

While there is word on the street that WhatsApp for the Android will soon receive updates that will transform it into a more user friendly app, it can be argued that WhatsApp for the iOS is much better when it comes to accessibility, ease of use as well as functionality.

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