Samsung Galaxy S5 Apps – The Best Applications for Free Download

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has set a benchmark for the premium range of smartphones produced in the modern era.

With a huge touchscreen, powerful hardware configuration and dominant battery capacity, the Galaxy S5 provides an excellent platform to run apps and play games. As the device runs on the Android OS, you get an opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of applications. Though some apps may cost a dollar or two, here are the best five applications that you can install and use for free on your Galaxy S5.

Antivirus Security

With the increasing threats of virus attacks on smartphones, it is imperative to have an advanced antivirus tool on your Galaxy S5. This security app scans all the files you download and install on your Samsung smartphone. In simpler words, the risk of data loss and performance errors minimizes by installing and using this app.


Noting down things conveniently is always an important step towards the progress in any field. This app provides you with a note taking platform where you can save information in multiple formats. You can use this app to store email addresses, web links, notes and personal acquaintances. The information saved on this app can be accessed in desktop as well as from a web browser. Also, you can enable the transcription service to convert speech to text.


The basic camera app on your Samsung smartphone allows you to capture pictures from either front or rear camera at one point of time. Hence, you cannot capture things going on both sides of the phone at a time. The Frontback app enables you to click pictures with the front as well as back camera and share the two in a single image. There are many swipe gestures which can be used to add titles, friends tag, hashtags and placements. Additionally, you can share the images on your social networking sites or emails.

Magisto video editor and maker

This app converts the images and video clips on your Galaxy S5 into a well presented movie. The editor tool adds graphics to the images and random music to the video clips to generate a movie. Overall, this tool is recommendable when you want to create a movie clip effortlessly.

Nike+ running

If you are a passionate athlete, you probably know the importance of a meter. This app converts your Samsung phone into a measurement meter that calculates your performance accurately. To use this app, all you need to do is – open the app and slip your device into the pocket.

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