Use Roku To Your Advantage With These Tips And Hacks

Roku is a great way of watching videos, TV shows and movies online, so if you have just started using this amazing application, there you must note down a few things to make your experience better. Read ahead, to find out about a few tips, trick, hack and tutorials which help in using this tool in a much better manner.

  1. If you are a YouTube fan and cannot access it on Roku, the fear not, there is a way in which you can add it as a private channel. It is a great way to get your daily YouTube fix.
  1. Subscribing to a private channel is not too difficult, if you happen to be a lover of YouTube and other private channels, then you can simply add the t Roku, for regular viewing. There is a way how you can do it, and that has been noted below:
  • Firstly go to and log in with your registered ID and password.
  • Go to the option which says add private channels.
  • With that done, add the channel’s five letter code and add it to the list.
  • You will be able to access the channel within 24 hours and watch whatever you want to your heart’s desire.
  1. You can play games easily with Roku, both Flash Drive as well as the hard drive can be used to play games quite easily.
  1. Now you can stream videos and check out images in the form of a slideshow by using Roku for this purpose. Plus, you can stream videos from a number of channels and play it in this video streaming player.
  1. You can protect private videos with a pin number with the help of Chaneru. It scans your iTunes library and protects your files and folders. Chaneru can be tried for a month, free of cost, after which a one-time payment of $10 will have to be made.
  1. Roksbox is another feature worthy of a mention; it uses the web browser on the computer in order to access local media.
  1. There is a slight problem with this video streaming app as it just plays certain formats, which is why a number of files cannot be played on it. If you are one of those people who watch videos in all the different formats, then this could be a bummer for you. Fret not! As we have a solution, Handbrake is a tool which will seamlessly converts your video file and allows it to be played on Roku.
  2. Don’t worry if your favorite match is going on and your parents are not allowing you to watch it. You can simply use the Roku to watch live TV. The Ustream channel will allow you to watch live concerts, sports events, etc on your computer screen.
  1. By intallingthe MP3 tunes Rocku channel you will be able to access all the MP3 files from the cloud. 2GB accounts are for free, so you can keep limited files and use them for free. However, if you wish to pay for more space, then $4.95 is the fee for a month.
  1. Dropbox and Roksbox together can combine to become a very powerful image tool. You can simply share images from Dropbox, which will be available on the Roksbox of the recipient.

All in all Roku has proved to be a very good tool for video and image streaming. The user interface is simple and comprehensive which is why many people and embracing this new form of watching TV. There is much more to come from Roku, which will redefine watching television in the long run.

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