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Today, there is talk of Intel offering a dual operating system desktop computer that has Windows 8 as well as Android on the system.

Intel is not the only company that has seen a lot of potential in bringing Android applications to the PC or to Windows. Microsoft is also considering the idea of bringing Android applications for Windows and for Windows phone as well, to solve the unavailability of apps problem. Intel had announced its plans for bringing Android for the Windows Desktop in order to increase the sales of desktops, but this may well take some time.

Using Emulators

Yet, it is not necessary to buy a new desktop for running Android applications on your PC, as you can run all Android apps as well as the Android OS as well on your existing desktop as well. By following the steps mentioned here, you can use the Android ecosystem of applications that are touch enabled on laptops or tablets that are touch enabled.

Download BlueStacks

If you want to run Android applications on your Windows desktop, the best option would be to download BlueStacks, as it is capable of running them in a window on your desktop. It also offers good support for downloading apps and installing them from Google Play. It also runs them efficiently and it is quite a stable solution. There are also other such applications, similar to BlueStacks, such as Windroy and YouWave, but they don’t offer ease of installation offered by BlueStacks.

In order to download BlueStacks, you need to go to the official site and download it for free and then start the installation process, by following the steps given. You will need an Internet connection for doing this. Though BlueStacks application is free now, it is rumored that the Android emulating software will soon become a paid application.

Once the app has been installed in your PC, you can open it and you will be able to view an interface similar to Android. You can now download Android Apps from the BlueStacks app through 1mobile market or you can use the device backup. After downloading the Android app, it gets installed in your BlueStacks and you can enjoy the app on your desktop.

With Bluestacks, you can have full screen views along with controls that appear when swiping from the right end of the screen. BlueStacks is a good option or a stopgap means of obtaining some important apps on the PC, which are not present now, for instance, you can use it to bring apps like Pandora, Instagram or Flipboard on your PC.

Android Emulator from Google

You can also make use of the official Emulator from Google, which forms part of the Android SDK. This will enable running the Android OS in your PC in a window and you can access the complete Android OS. This is essentially offered to developers while testing Android apps on the PC. However, this is an official solution offered by Google and it is quite slow and impractical. You can, of course, test apps or games using it, but it is not very efficient or fast while actually using it to play games or run applications.

A Community Project with Android x86

This is able to port the Android OS into your x86 platform, enabling it to run on a native basis on processors, AMD and Intel. You can install the Android OS on your Windows, Linus or on a laptop or a tablet, but very few devises actually support this option, such as Samsung Q1U, ASUS Eee PC, Viewsonic Viewpad 10 and a few other platforms such as the Lenovo ThinkPad x61. In addition, the product is not known to be very stable and you need to be cautious while installing it in your hardware.

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