Starfield’s Players Unfazed by Absence of Ground Vehicles: A New Approach to Exploration

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In a recent revelation that caught Starfield fans by surprise, it was confirmed that the highly-anticipated game would not feature any land vehicles. Yet, far from the outcry some might have expected, the majority of fans remain unwavered in their excitement for the upcoming space adventure. They show a remarkable lack of concern regarding the absence of terrestrial transport, a testament to their trust in the creators and their innovative game design.

Bethesda’s Vision: A Game Best Experienced on Foot

In an enlightening episode of the Kinda Funny Xcast, Todd Howard, the game’s creator, revealed Bethesda’s vision behind this decision. According to him, the game was meticulously designed to provide an optimal experience for on-foot exploration. To supplement this design, they have introduced a unique mechanic – the boost pack. This innovative feature allows players to experience a flying sensation, transforming their on-foot journey into a thrilling ride. Howard further described the exhilarating experience of using the boost pack to traverse the low gravity planets, highlighting them as “really something special”​.

Fans’ Perspective: Embracing the Boost Pack

While the lack of land vehicles initially disappointed some players, many swiftly shifted their focus towards the promising prospects of the boost pack. The boost pack, in fact, has become the talk of the town as the primary form of land traversal in Starfield. Drawing comparisons to games like No Man’s Sky, fans speculate that upgrading the boost pack skills could potentially make their journey faster, especially on low-gravity planets.

In a world increasingly saturated with vehicular gameplay, Bethesda’s decision to emphasize boost pack movement seems to have struck a chord with Starfield’s fanbase. Players across platforms are vocalizing their approval, with one user stating, “No land vehicles makes complete sense with how they’re handling exploration.” Another added, “We got jetpacks…I think we ok”.

Fans’ Hopes: A Call for Modders

Despite the widespread acceptance, a section of fans has expressed their hopes for modders to introduce some form of terrestrial mobility. One fan expressed their excitement at the potential of swinging through trees on low-gravity planets with a modded grapple tool, illustrating the creative possibilities that the modding community might bring to the game.

More from the Interview: Lifeless Planets

The absence of land vehicles isn’t the only talking point from Howard’s interview. Fans also picked up on another intriguing detail – around 90% of the over 1000 planets in Starfield will not harbor life. This revelation adds another layer of mystery to the exploration-focused title, fueling further anticipation for the game’s release.

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