Skype vs Viber – Both Offer Free VoIP Calls, But Which One Dominates The Market?

Mobile network operators are losing ground in front of messaging applications, because users can now send an unlimited number of messages, instead of sending traditional SMS texts to mobile numbers. Unfortunately for the cell phone carriers, these alternatives are causing them income decreases, because they have to lower their rates to keep up with the competition. But in this article we do not pity the cell phone carriers. Instead, we’re comparing two awesome messaging applications: Skype and Viber.


Skype is the biggest name in the field of Voice calling (VoIP communication), being developed initially as an application software for computers, then later it was available for tablets and smartphones. It was released in 2003, being founded by a Danish and a Swedish, and created by three Estonians. Three years later, eBay acquired the company and sold 65 percent of Skype to Silver Lake, Andreessen Horowitz and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, in 2009. Finally, Microsoft decided to buy it in 2011, for the sum of 8.5 billion dollars, the company losing its interest in updating its Windows Live Messenger instant messaging service. In the same year, Skype teamed up with Comcast to offer its video chat service to Comcast subscribers, and in 2013, the users were able to send video messages in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and BlackBerry. In November 2014, Microsoft released a new service, a chat integrated into the software allowing co-workers to chat in the same document. In addition, the users can make video calls, video conferences with up to 10 people and share their screen with up to 25 people.


Viber is newer on the market, being released in December 2010, and it can be installed on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Series 40, Symbian, Bada and Windows Phone. Basically, Viber has almost the same features as Skype, offering VoIP calls (free from Viber to Viber and at to mobile or landline numbers starting from 1.2 cents per minute). Besides, the users can send instant messages, images, videos, audio files, play Viber games and use chatrooms. The difference between the two applications is that Viber allows you to register with your phone number, while Skype requires you to specify your email address and a password.

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