Simpsons DLC Coming to Minecraft Xbox 360 and Xbox One Console

Are you ready to bring Springfield to life in your Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

If you have been wondering how, you should read this news. Microsoft has confirmed that they have managed to strike an exclusive deal with twentieth century fox to bring the characters from Simpsons to the Mojang game.

Skin packs are quite common on the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition but ever since Microsoft purchased the parent company Mojang, they have been really busy introducing many exclusive packs to add more value to the console owners. First, they launched the Star Wars pack which brought some classic favorites like Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker and Yoda to the strategic survival game. Now, they are all set to bring the most popular cartoon series characters to your console.

Exclusive Characters Line-up

The new Simpsons skin pack for Minecraft Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles will be an exclusive DLC launch. Players who love the characters and wish to own them will have to pay $1.99. The pricing, however, will vary in other regions and currencies. The television series has been around for over two decades now and has even won the Emmy awards.

With the skin pack, you will receive all the lead characters in the story including Homer, Marge as well as their children, Lisa, Bart.Now, there is Maggie too. The list doesn’t end there because the company confirmed there will be at least 19 new characters from the Springfield elementary school. They haven’t confirmed the ones who will be added to it but we are sure they are talking about the fan favorites.

Excited about the Creations

Talking about the launch, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division said, “We are really happy to be part of the community which has more than 17 million active people. By launching Simpsons on Minecraft Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions, we open more creative ways for people to express their ideas. They have always been creative and our partnership with 20th century fox opens up something new for them to meddle with. I really can’t wait to see what they come up with once the skin pack rolls out to everyone. It should be awesome, we can say.”

While they have not confirmed this, it will be exclusive only on the Xbox platforms; it might most probably be a timed one. Mojang has asked players on Playstation consoles to wait for updates and a release date.

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